What kind of Ray Ban sunglasses are right for you

Stylish sunglasses are a companion for many people to travel in summer. For a top-level fashion sunglasses, in addition to attractive reputation and classic style, there are more places to talk about. Ray Ban, the sunglasses with a long history, is the beginning of many people’s understanding of sunglasses.

Best Ray Ban sunglasses

Perhaps not many brands can be as memorable as Ray Ban. Because Ray has a long history and carefully designed sunglasses, so that it has popular with many people long time. And has its current status. After more than 80 years of development, Ray Ban sunglasses, until the brand being taken over by an Italian company in 1999. It have launched 400 different styles of sunglasses,is it a bit out of your expectation? In addition to the familiar sunglasses such as Aviator and Wayfarer, these sunglasses maybe you don’t know, but they are still very good sunglasses.

Next, we will introduce some styles that you may not be familiar with, and help you better understand Ray Ban’s sunglasses.

Ray Ban sunglasses are right for you

Original Wayfarer

This style sunglasses is undoubtedly the most classic and well-known sunglasses of Ray Ban. It was first designed by Raymond Stegeman of Bausch & Lomb in 1952. Its frame adopts a trapezoidal structure. It is said that it was inspired by Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins. Once it was launched, it has been widely welcomed by everyone. Today, There are still many fans of this style of sunglasses.

New Wayfarer

The Ray Ban sunglasses of this style are of course inspired by Original Wayfarer. But its frame is flatter and the edges are softer. This style sunglasses is an improvement to the previous version, making the new Wayfarer sunglasses more suitable for people who don’t like obtrusive frames. And there will be some improvement in the wearing experience.

Ray Ban sunglasses
Wayfarer Sunglasses

Other Best cheap Ray Ban sunglasses

This style sunglasses was introduced by Ray Ban after Wayfarer. In the 50s when the browse style style was very popular, this type of sunglasses with wire-rimmed lenses came into being. It uses a semi-enclosed structure, and the lenses become more rounded. For those who like to go out and play, this sunglasses will bring a better visual experience.


This Best cheap Ray Ban sunglasses is probably the most popular sunglasses of Ray Ban, and the longest time. They designe the Aviator sunglasses in 1937, and for sunglasses, this is very early time. Once it was launched, it became synonymous with fashion and was liked by many movie stars and politicians. Accompanying this sunglasses is the introduction of G-15 lenses into the field of sunglasses. This is a light green lens that can provide pilots with a clearer and more comfortable vision. After the end of World War II, Aviator entered the civilian field, and many related styles continued to travel to meet the needs of consumers.

Aviator Sunglasses


Maybe many people have never heard of this style of sunglasses, but it does not matter, the Justin sunglasses is still a very good sunglasses. Its inspiration also from the Wayfarer, which converts the material of the frame from acetate to rubber to make the sunglasses look more sporty.

Summary of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses sale do have a great design, otherwise Luxottica would not buy them in 1999 and bring them back to life. You can patiently compare different types of Ray Ban sunglasses, and then choose your favorite and most suitable sunglasses from them.

The history of Sunglasses – best fake Ray Bans

The history of Sunglasses – best fake Ray Bans UK Sunglasses , or any form of them, have been created since the Roman Empire. Early sunglasses served a special purpose and it wasn’t to block the rays of the sun. It is said that Emperor Nero wore polished emerald green gemstones to watch the gladiators fight in 60 AD. For a very different reason, judges in China during the 12th century were seen wearing smoke-colored quartz lenses over their eyes throughout trials. The reason is that they want to conceal their eye expressions in court. And make sure they wouldn’t accidentally betray their thoughts before revealing the verdict. And vision-correcting darkened eyeglasses were introduced into China from Italy until 1430s.

Best Fake Ray Bans
Best Fake Ray Bans

In Europe, the first recorded (painted, that is) evidence of sunglasses came up in the 1350s in Italy, when Tommaso da Modena depicted them in a painting.  Get Fake Ray Bans here http://www.fakeraybanwholesale.com


The next century saw the invention of sidepieces by Edward Scarlett that would help keep these glasses on your face (whether corrective lenses or tinted). But it wasn’t until the 20th century that modern-type sunglasses came to be. In the U.S., Foster Grants were first sold on the Atlantic City boardwalk in the 1920s and decades after, a clever advertising campaign by Foster Grant makes sunglasses chic and popular ( the brand whose fantastic advertisements “Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants” drastically increased the popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses in the 1960s).

The brand of “aviator” came out not long after. Because the Army Air Corps commissioned the optical firm of Bausch and Lomb in the 1930s to create a kind of lens for pilots to protect their eyes when they’re at a high altitude. In 1936 Ray Ban invent the “aviator” sunglasses which were served for pilots. Just one year later the stylish shades were released to the public.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses
Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses


The above story is the history of the sunglasses, have you ever wondered which style. The Ray-Ban sunglasses has been the most popular through the years? It’s certainly not the cat eye or oversized shades of today, not even the aviator. The winner in this category is the Wayfarer which born in the 1950s. In the past recent decades, sunglasses have become an essential item which not just for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays but for fashion. When you are taking a photo during the vacation in summer. You will find that a look isn’t complete without a great pair of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses. You’re protecting yourself as well as wearing one of the most popular accessories.

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