Development History And Brand Introduction-Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is called Ray-Ban in English, Ray means glare, Ban means blocking, and blocking the glare is the essence of sunglasses. Cheap Ray-Ban outlet produced sunglasses with inclined mirrors for the U.S. Air Force, providing users with maximum vision protection. Here is the Development history and brand introduction of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Development history and brand introduction of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

Brand Introduction of Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses

In fact, for a long time, Ray-Ban has been synonymous with sunglasses that block strong light. Replica Ray-Ban sunglasses were born from the distress of an American Air Force lieutenant. In 1923, when the lieutenant was flying a small plane across the Atlantic Ocean, he was deeply disturbed by the strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, headache, and dizziness. Based on this, in 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses that can absorb the most sunlight, dissipate the least heat, and maintain good and clear vision. In addition to the good protective function of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the designers have designed their shapes to highlight the rough and heroic military temperament.

Fake Ray-Ban sunglasses, together with Harley motorcycles and Zippo lighters, are symbols of American culture. Ray-Ban is called Ray-Ban in English, Ray means glare, Ban means blocking, and blocking the glare is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Ray-Ban glasses was the style of the biggest names in the show business, and Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were all loyal to it. Wayfarer-style white frame, red frame, black frame, tortoise shell… Different Ray-Ban sunglasses are framed on the faces of Hollywood stars, matched with formal and casual clothes, and appear in various occasions. Sienna Miller, Olsen sisters, Kirsten Dunst, etc. are the backbone of Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban spectacle frame, representative work: Ray-Ban rb5154 spectacle frame, typical American glasses style, exquisite, atmospheric, suitable for wearing on various occasions, loved by trendy people.

Development history of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

Dr. John, a German-American, started to engage in the business of importing optical products from Europe in New York. Unexpectedly, after a short period of operation, Dr. John almost fell into bankruptcy. Thanks to the great help of good friend Henry Lun in last only 60 US dollars, the company was maintained and survived. The company was officially named Bausch & Lomb with the surnames of Dr. John and Henry Lun combined. Since then, Bausch & Lomb’s business has been booming until it developed into a well-known brand-name company in the United States today.

One day, an American Air Force lieutenant visited Bausch & Lomb. The air force lieutenant had made a name for himself flying a small plane across the Atlantic in 1923 and had considerable flying experience.

During his flight practice, he was deeply disturbed by the strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, vomiting, headache and dizzy adverse reactions. Therefore, he felt that the pilot really needed a pair of sunglasses that could absorb a lot of light. Bausch & Lomb began to develop sunglasses according to the request made by the Air Force lieutenant.

Early Twentieth Century

Successfully developed the world’s first pair of sunglasses with green lenses that can protect the eyes of pilots. It can prevent glare and ultraviolet rays, and can maintain clear and good vision in terms of vision. Named “Navigator”.

Bausch & Lomb introduced this type of sunglasses to the general public. But its early sales showed that the general public was not very interested in Ray-Ban sunglasses. In this regard, Bausch & Lomb was not discouraged. After their analysis and research, they made some small changes to the Ray-Ban sunglasses and put them on the market again. To the surprise of the company, this kind of slightly modified Ray-Ban sunglasses not only soared in price, but also became the best-selling and hottest item at that time. At that time, it was said that almost all men in the United States had a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. In the 1940s, Ray-Ban produced sunglasses with inclined mirrors for the US Air Force, providing users with maximum vision protection.

During the Second World War, American pilots wearing leather jackets appeared all over the world wearing novel and unique Ray-Ban sunglasses. Their chic and heroic image greatly enhanced the popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses around the world. At that time, even the sunglasses worn by American five-star general MacArthur were Ray-Ban products. Like ZIPPO lighters, Ray-Ban sunglasses, which experienced World War II, became one of the symbols of the US military, and became popular all over the world as a fashion product after the war.

Late Twentieth Century

the 50s
Ray-Ban introduces stylish sunglasses with multi-colored lenses and large frames to the market, as well as a line of sunglasses for women.

the 60’s
Ray-Ban crack-resistant lenses are introduced, and its sunglasses are designed in a rugged and stylish style.

The color-changing sunglasses launched by Ray-Ban can provide the wearer with the clearest vision under different light conditions.

mid 80s
Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” (Top Gun) wearing classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses swept the world, setting off another wave of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Since then, in recognition of Ray-Ban’s outstanding contribution to fashion. Then the American Fashion Association has awarded him a very important design award.


With the passage of time, sunglasses have become more and more popular. And gradually transformed from a fashion accessory to a must-have item for daily life. Supporting this achievement is Ray-Ban’s consistent high quality and elegant design. Bausch & Lomb’s innovative optical technology makes high-quality lenses one of the biggest selling points of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The glass sheets is material of Ray-Ban lenses. Which have a good shading effect. All lenses can block harmful ultraviolet rays 100%, while filtering harmful rays such as infrared rays. Over the years, the types of Ray-Ban sunglasses have continued to increase and formed three series of styles. Such as the traditional, modern and future. In addition, according to different consumer objects. There are three types: gentleman, lady, and sports. The gentleman is stable and noble; the lady is chic and elegant; the sporty is full of sunshine and movement.

Eternal design become the important elements of the Development History And Brand Introduction of Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses. And it has gone through nearly 70 years and is still enduring.


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